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About The Green Dry Cleaners

‘The Green Dry Cleaners' are the only environmentally friendly Dry-Cleaners in Brisbane using the revolutionary GreenEarth Cleaning solvent.

We are an eco-friendly dry-cleaning company dedicated to proving a premium dry cleaning service to its customers. With currently 8 stores nationally and more underway, we are Brisbane’s most experienced and trusted cleaning dry-company in Brisbane.

For decades, customers and dry-cleaners had no real choice but to clean clothes in harsh, petrochemical solvents with known health and environmental risks.

We use an environmentally safe cleaning process that replaces petroleum-based solvents with liquid silicone, a gentle organic solution made from one of the earth’s safest and most abundant natural resources; sand.

The natural elements of liquid silicone used to clean clothes mean that The Green Dry Cleaners don’t leave your clothes with an unpleasant chemical odour that you get from traditional dry cleaners. Scientifically proven, our dry cleaning practices will provide you with the most environmentally friendly and best quality garment cleaning service possible.

Watch our advertisement below and find out why exactly our process is so much better for your clothes and the earth.