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Home Furnishing

Home Furnishing

According to the National Asthma Council Australia “The most common allergic triggers of asthma are house dust mite, pets, pollen and moulds.” Drycleaning will kill dust mites which will help keep household allergen levels lower. As with any fabric textile it is always best to have furnishings professionally cleaned at the end of each season before storage. more>>

Alterations & Mending


Green Drycleaners can attend to all your clothing repair and alteration needs, including:


Wedding Dress

Wedding Dresses

A Bride’s wedding dress is her treasure.

While a gown may be worn just one day, and may not appear soiled, the wedding dress require careful dry cleaning. Hidden soiling includes perspiration and body oils. Long gowns will pick up soil along the hemline and train and often, more>>


Winters harsh weather is hard on curtains and drapes. Fumes from cooking and oils, dust, and heating gasses are dangerous to your curtains. Fumes are present even when you aren’t aware of them. When allowed to remain in the fabric for extended periods, deterioration becomes evident. more>>


Leather & Suide

Green Dry Cleaners uses the Green Earth dry cleaning processes for the best possible results on leather and suede garments. Our most experienced of qualified Dry Cleaning Operators are involved in these processes. more>>

Ironing Service


Green Dry Cleaners offer a professional ironing service aimed at busy people just like you.
Our aim is to make your life more enjoyable. Our modern equipment and professional staff make sure your clothes are pressed to perfection every time. We'll even fold or hang your clothes just how you like them.